One of the things we are most proud of here at Dirt is our transparent supply chain. At the bottom of each of our menus you will find a full supplier list. The reason we do this is because we are proud of the amazing local companies we have partnered with. In the planning stages of Dirt a lot of time was spent on researching different places, visiting farms, trying out products to ensure we started as we meant to go on- with the best. It is paramount to us that each company we work with is ethical, sourcing local and seasonal wherever possible also keep with aim of working towards a more sustainable future. 


Blagdon Farm

Blagdon Estate is around 10miles north of Dirt and it’s where we receive all our free-range meat that we use (except for chicken which is from Northumberland Poultry).

It is a LEAF farm (an organisation which supports environmentally sensitive farming), while also operating a “holistic farming policy” returning to traditional farming methods.

We order throughout the week and find this personal relationship works really well for us and Simon (Blagdon Farm Shop’s butcher) often recommends us different meats that we use for our changing specials menu.

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